water treatment works
 sewage treatment
 water treatment
 building water
 Swimming pool water treatment
 landscape treatment
 Water recycling
 refrigeration,cooling water treatment
 Frequency of electronic descaling Miriam
 Automatic RF (sewage) filter
 Automatic backwashing filter sewage
 Full integrated water processor
 Magnetic water tube processor
 Magnetic water pipe processor
 Magnetic Brush Filter
 Ion Water Stick processor
 HUANG Xiu-water filters
 Cyclone devices Desanding
 Sand filter cylinder
 Automatic Dosing System
 By comprehensive water flow processor
 Water treatment equipment
 Tank consecrated sterilizing disinfector
 The iron removal and manganese removal equipment
 The constant pressure water device
 Water processing accessories
 Ozone disinfector
 UV sterilizers
 Reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane
 American FLECK soft device control valves
 Artoo fathers control valves
 Stainless steel cans and water treatment accessories
 Other fittings
 ultra-pure water,industrial water,domestic water
 Ultra filtration system
 Purification system
 pure water equipment
 Water Purification Systems
 Domestic and commercial pure water machine
 device to soften
 Ion exchanger
 Mixed bed ion exchanger
 automatic water softener
 Industrial large-scale water softener system
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Shanghai Changchuang Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.£ºscientific research, design, production, sales, technical installation of water treatment entity high-tech enterprises. Company gathered large water treatment industry talents, dedicating to develop the industry business, after many years of research and practice, accumulated rich experience, has become the pioneer of China water. Through with famous universities and research institutions, long-term cooperation of core competence, continuous innovation, product development and technology successfully developed various "water experts" brand series products, water treatment and national patents, passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
Company strength and extensive, attach great importance to the innovation and product development technology, and collected lots of high-tech talent, successively established Shanghai long and water treatment equipment Co., LTD. Mainly sales and technical installation services. And the water treatment engineering division, frozen, cooling water treatment, pure water, industrial water head of equipment and softening water unit division, landscape water, swimming pools, water treatment, etc. Subordinate Shanghai vibration qing environment protection equipment Co., LTD. On exquisite technology and high quality products for the company's production technology provides solid backing. A wide range of electronic products, frequency conversion water processor (or instrument), rf automatic (blowdown) processor, whole integrated water processor, automatic demineralized water, pure water, ion exchange softening device etc.
Companies pursuing: with sincerity, serious work principle, in more than 20 cities set up or agency, built a strong marketing network, for the thousands of customers with excellent products and services. Your satisfaction is our pursuit, let us create environmental world.

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