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landscape treatment

£¨1£©A residential environment, even on the ground water, also the inconvenience communication with underground drainage tubes, so no dead ends communication syncretization.
£¨2£©Water depth, width of different shapes and designs, a symbol of different geographical environment, streams, ChiHu, harbor, peninsula, river port... Different landscape, plays a different role of ecology.
£¨3£©In different water environment, different kinds of plants and animals, such as the lotus lotus, water reed, fish... Even in small environment, but also the biological diversity. If you can consciously choosing some environmental biological, is more advantageous.
£¨4£©With the waterfall, yongquan as power, water level elevation, creating natural circulation flow, producing excessive water, plunge Juan, dynamic water flow, the flow of landscape, Add water and air, gravel contact, improve oxygen. As: ", is a door-hinges never waterscape design motto.
£¨5£©Except for construction, transportation, construction, most part delidock descent into water, vegetation, gravel, mud. This system will cost is too high, more important is, and Shanghai, a system composed of groundwater. Therefore, the selection of a reasonable surface elevation, the most important.
£¨6£©Because of the different kinds of different surface slope, narrow width and depth of the different places, streams have urgent have slow, shallow place, want to control the flow of water to not blunt nondeposit, Deep down, can be dug Wells to cycle. Large surface, even give attention to two or morethings traffic, entertainment, production of various needs.
£¨7£©With the slope excavation canals and earthwork, stack terrain, disjunctive space, improve planting conditions and reduce earthwork volume, take "kill two birds with one stone."
£¨8£©Guide rain penetration, flowing down undulating terrain, and into the river. There is no wet, and also reduce drainage engineering. Only at the exit, one-way valve set overflowing rain season of drought, water, artificial to supplement.
£¨9£©In the river near the green, using natural water irrigation and water ecological cycle. The rainwater recycling, is the important green ecological residential area.


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