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building water

Detailed information
Water supply:
Water also says, it is straight pipe drinking water and water area, with different pipeline system supply users. The water supply pipe straight enbvironment tube production technology and water cut in the form of water cycle and ensure superior to the world health organization (WHO) and national standard, and the quality of fresh, clean and pure, live.
Scope of application: water is a good economical and take with convenient, energy saving etc. Applicable to residential area, apartments, office buildings, enterprises and institutions and schools, venues, adapt to direct drinking a wider range, improving water quality conditions to drink can be installed.

advantage of water supply£º
Good water quality: the preparation of water in the space with close, short time, stagnant water, water activity, namely deaerated open ready-to-drink, to avoid the secondary pollution, water quality, taste sweet, but fresh birth drink directly.
Convenient health: self-sufficiency, avoid the bottled water in due to advance and allows the user to excessive reserve, bottled water and to avoid the poor sanitation factors of bottled water.
Through pipelines clean: safety directly to leadership offices and meeting rooms, avoid the water nonnative personnel of insecurity and untidy factors, and the boiled water machine, boiler, never without scale.
Economic efficiency: the water costs only bottled water, one of the ten remarkable economic benefits, equipment investment recovery quickly.

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