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water treatment

Detailed information
The concept of water
Water is corresponding to the connotation of water supply, water drainage and translated nouns have reclaimed water, ZhongShuiDao, water and water etc, we say "water" (RECLAIMEDWATER), is to building and community facilities, also called water facilities.

Water classification system
Service scope from water systems can be divided into three types.
(1) the building in large recycle-water system is established in the complex buildings or water system,
(2) area, is in the recycle-water system building area or colleges, big courtyard the recycle-water system establishment,
(3) water system, China urban sewage reuse system, is called a planned urban area in the establishment of sewage reuse system.

Water-recovery system: bath water, sewage water washing on recycling process. Generally include hotels, restaurants, building drainage of reuse, recycle water bath on processing. Corporations, cooling water bath water treatment. After the treatment of water flushing toilet water, can be used as water, wash the car greenbelt and his purposes. According to the water quality, water treatment with water and site conditions into biochemical process, chemical processing.

The basic principle of biochemical method is to use biological treatment: the principle of microbial degradation organic. Including activated sludge, contact oxidation, sequencing batch type activated sludge, the oxidation ditch process etc. After the treatment of wastewater biochemical method, supplemented by coagulation, disinfection method, in order to achieve water-recovery standards.

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