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Ultra filtration system

Ultra filtration principle
Hollow-fiber membrane module American technology, adopting advanced internal pressure type membrane separation technology, in normal temperature and low energy consumption, low, it has high precision filtration, produce a water yield, resistant capacity, which can effectively filter water of bacteria, colloid, organic macromolecular material, rust, such harmful substances in water, clean and sanitary, hollow-fiber membrane purifying principle see below 1:
1 and features:
Using inside high strength and high toughness modification of pp hollow fiber membrane series of ultrafiltration flux, silk, components, no pollution, run-time, chemical scattered through recoil can restore flux,
Each piece is uniform, hydraulic loading in the corner, rinse clean with chemical pollutants discharge; when more
Adapt to all kinds of water quality, water stability, transparent, better than 3 SDI system of water requirements; RO
Equipment is compact, small area,
Modular design, easy to expand,
Automatic operation, maintenance work.
2, application field:
Filtering through biochemical treatment after the urban sewage water reuse criteria to shout,
Industrial wastewater treatment,
Tap water, groundwater, surface water and, in addition, purification,
Large reverse osmosis system of former pretreatment,
Seawater desalination former pretreatment,
Industrial cooling water purification reuse,


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