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Purification system

Purifying filtration system principle£º

Water into the first tank buffer after adjusting water booster pump pressure, capable of handling system through the filter, enter purification system. In order to ensure that the system requirements, the purification system by quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, soft and the security filter. To ensure the pretreatment can intercept finer more and better handle suspended, adopting high index increased equipment design and processing capacity. If the water for water should increase flocculant dosing device and sterilization device to strengthen treatment.
The normal working conditions:

1) quartz sand filter
Can purify water suspended solids and colloid. Suspended solids and colloid causes quartz sand filter hole surface, make harden surface jam, differential pressure increases more media filters, lower efficiency, to enable booster pump flow adjustment flush.
2) activated carbon filter
The odor adsorption removal raw water, the residual chlorine, organic compounds, and heavy impurities such as organic. Also can effectively remove part in 10-20 diameter of inorganic gel, essien organic polymer gel and solubility impurities.
To further reduce the source of water system of small particles, setting RO 5 muon security filter as RO system of filters.
3) precision filtration and sterilization system
Using 5 micron or 1 micron PP filters filter tiny impurity left before treatment, plus the ultraviolet ray to purify ozone or purpose, this process of low cost use convenient! Water purification requirements for the ideal products.

Water purification equipment
My company JBMS series of production equipment, water for integration of urban and rural areas, solve mines, troops, and the change of sugar refineryeach food, drinking water and water needs. This equipment in the southwest and the region south of high turbidity water and sediment particle density and various corporations of sewage treatment again after repeated experiments etc, in design, with advanced technology, product design and improvement of the advanced technique, elaborate manufacture, the final product, purification efficiency obtain the biggest good result is achieved. This equipment, water purification process with transparent water, after the state provisions and standards of living water turbidity in use by users praise.
Equipment features£º
1) equipment sets, the reaction mixture, precipitation, filtration, decorated compact structure, small volume, reasonable, simple operation and management, transportation convenient installation, beautiful modelling.
2) in the coagulation responses to strengthen adsorption, condensing reaction area. Filtering part adopts high-quality filter material, has high mechanical strength and wear resistance, easy to wash and long service life etc.
3) filter chamber adopts high water system, has the cloth of small resistance, water evenly, etc.
4) equipment corrosion selects the high quality material technique and anticorrosive effect is good, durable.
5) pressure type equipment with the need to wash pumps, backwashing high pool, can use oneself to produce clean water to wash the filter material, and don't stop cleaning process.
6) water purification efficiency, high load, the effect is good

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