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pure water equipment

pure water equipment:
Reverse osmosis is developed in the 1960s, a new membrane separation technology, which Nebuchadnezzar, mostly small aperture (10) = > song typeface, it can remove filtrate and molecular ions of small organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and heat, etc. It has been widely used in water or md, electron, medicine with pure water, drinking water, steam TaiKongShui production, application in biology, medicine, engineering. My company production of the reverse osmosis device, the composite membrane module with imports, supplemented by multistage centrifugal pump, stainless steel pressure pipe, valve, instrument, electrical control system, etc.
Scope of application:
TaiKongShui, distilled water and purified water preparation,
Alcohol and drop water; degrees
Pharmaceutical, electronic industries; the prophase preparation water
Chemical process of separation and purification and concentration, with water,
Salt water boiler soft,
Seawater desalination, md, Paper, electroplating, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and water and industry
Operating procedures:

Ro: 1 original tank - - the pump carbon filter sand filtration -- -- softening (or anti-scaling) - the security filter host pumps - - - - - the reverse osmosis device of pure water (ozone sterilizer) - - - - - - the pure water pump uv sterilizer - microporous filter
2 the reverse osmosis: the pump water - - - - carbon filter sand filtration softening (or anti-scaling) - the security filter - 1-1 main pumping reverse osmosis device (middle) adjust PH tank - 2-2 main pumping reverse osmosis - pure water (ozone sterilizer) - - - - - - the pure water pump uv sterilizer - microporous filter


Equipment operation parameters:
Produce a water yield£º0.25M3/h-150M3/h
Water conductivity:1-10us.cm
Operating pressure£º1-1.5Mpa
Removal bacteria>99.99%

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