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Domestic and commercial pure water machine

Reverse osmosis pure water machine adopts precise filtration, ensure its configuration category in complete accord with national drinking water quality standard of pure water. REVERSE OSMOSIS REVERSE OSMOSIS (water) by Europe and the United States recognized as "pure water economic and effective way to produce", this is kaifu long series of pure water core technology.
Reverse osmosis (r. o.) technology for the various kinds of water treatment technology in dealing with the highest accuracy.
1 PP5u weave dimension filter: water is greater than 5, such as the suspended muon thirds rust, sand, etc, phosphorus
2 particles activated carbon filter: adsorption odor, chlorine water and chlorine by-products, etc
3 sintering activated carbon filter, can remove in water chloric, organic chemicals, different color, smell and sludge suspended particles
4 r. o. reverse osmosis membrane: completely remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals in organic substances
5 the activated carbon filter: adjust PH value, improve the pure taste

Note: what reverse osmosis (r. o.)?

The REVERSE OSMOSIS REVERSE OSMOSIS, English is America's cost billions of dollars and years of careful research into high-tech water treatment technology. This kind of membrane separation technology, reverse osmosis membrane is under pressure to solute the solvent solution for separation process. Permeability is a physical phenomenon. There is in inverse seepage through salt water (such as water) than natural infiltration pressure exerted greater pressure, make water from the high concentration of low concentration of either party to permeate the water, a molecule of water pressure on the other side of the membrane to become pure water, and water in subtle impurity, colloid organic, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances in the sewage discharge off export. Reverse osmosis membrane due to the aperture, a bacterium only 0.0001 micron to narrow 4,000 times, viruses will shrink small 200 times more effective, so it can be through high removal above 96%.

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