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Mixed bed ion exchanger

2.Many medium and activated carbon filter
Many media filters is through the filter bed, purify water suspended, colloid, impurity, etc. Mainly used for pure water softener, or the pretreatment system, but also can be used as the industrial water requirements of high crude filter. Many medium can also be divided into single or multiple filters filter, double filter feeder applies to the larger turbidity water filtration and precipitation for water filter device in relatively small turbidity water filtration effects of precipitation. Mechanical filter effluent turbidity general control in 3mg/L. Activated carbon filter can effectively eliminate residual chlorine, low molecular organic matter and peculiar smell, etc. Activated carbon particles are very much microporous and huge area, and has a strong physical adsorption ability. Through the filter bed organic pollutants can be activated carbon adsorption effectively. Activated carbon filter is a relatively common water treatment equipment, as water treatment system can effectively handle desalting rear guarantee system, improve the service life, especially after the effluent water level to prevent reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin in pre-columri residual chlorine poisoning of pollution.

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