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Water recycling

The rainwater collection utilization technology

Due to the rapid development of urbanization, roads, buildings, etc. Through the area, One can't rain infiltration of underground water and groundwater, added that the serious deficit of water environment around the city ecological and environmental deterioration, On the other hand, when the heavy rain caused the ground water runoff quickly collection and local flooding. Urban water shortage, water environment worsening ecological environment destruction, and heavy rains and flooding have increasingly prominent problems.
If in city construction, the attention to development and utilization of rainwater collection project, by using both go to rain water, but also increased the tap water saving measures. At the same time, through the use of rainwater collection extensively, because rainwater is hold back or underground, reduce the displacement, reduce the urban flood threat, therefore, groundwater, to return to improve water environment, ecological environment to repair. Can say, the urban rainwater collection utilization of water resources sustainable utilization is one of the important measures.
Mainly used for rain water enters: ChongCe back, landscape and green water, the road JiaoSa etc.
JiaoSa road etc.

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