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By comprehensive water flow processor

Product introduction
JBMS - SCII series in the original water processor is near the stream of developed based on the issue, adopt high-frequency electromagnetic technology, microprocessor automatic adjustment according to the water quality by using signal processing, only flow processing. In the international advanced level. The products are widely applied to central air conditioning system, cooling system, heat system, hot water boiler system and other various water systems, scale removal and prevention of sterilization, alga, processing and purify water suspended.

Working principle
The chemical formula for water in natural state H2O, there is not a single molecule of water. Single with polarity of water molecules in electrostatic attraction, interconnected by hydrogen bonding, associating synthetic molecules composed of molecules and molecular chain, known as much. ¢ò SC water processor utilization by series of main produce high-frequency signal by electrode direct role in water, in high frequency electromagnetic field, under the action of hydrogen and destroyed macromolecular regiment fracture into a single molecule of water, water molecules, reduce the degree of polymerization structure deformation, dipole polarity is stretched, the increase of the dipole, The dipole Ca2 + anode and water, Mg2 + etc cationic affinity, dipole of positive and CO32 water affinity, anionic, such as the water velocity between Yin and Yang ion collision with a scale, reduce the probability of purpose, achieve anti-scaling.
In the high frequency electromagnetic fields, dipole continuously bump dirt, destroying CaCO3 molecular scale, the original layer gradually become soft, fall off, CaCO3 microscopic particles suspended in the water, drainage and remove with the system, At the same time as dipole and salt water affinity ability strengthens the anoin, scale formation of dynamic balance to dissolve the direction, system, so as to gradually dissolves scale removal.
At the same time, in the high frequency electromagnetic alternating, scale removal, control and oxygen and water molecules, which is under the scale and corrosion inhibition oxidation corrosion occurred, original battery rust corrosion resistance of the good effect.
In addition, alternating high-frequency electromagnetic field that bacteria, algae survival environment destruction, followed by alternating of high frequency electromagnetic penetrates water algae bacteria and bacterial cell directly destroy lives enzyme system, thus prevents bacteria, stop absorb glucose metabolism, achieve the effect of sterilization, alga.

Product features
1 only by 1% - 5% of water flow processing system, convenient installation
2 no need chemicals, no secondary pollution, green,
3 to remove rust, yellow,
4 reduce turbidity,
5 intelligent automatic operation,
6 effect directly visible.

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