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The iron removal and manganese removal equipment

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Working principle

In the earth's crust, because of carbonate rock in iron, organic adsorption and trivalent iron oxide in disrelish air condition, make a reduction of iron into groundwater, especially in floodplain groundwater iron is higher. If our poyang lake, the lake, the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta region, jiang, river and coastal regions of groundwater iron in the living standard of general prep above 10 ~ 15 times.
At present, iron production methods of groundwater and catalytic oxidation of natural law. GT pressure type groundwater iron device adopt international advanced technology, the iron contact catalytic process through the formation of r (ferric oxide (r) and use FOOH - FeOOH catalytic effect, r, make the iron contact water, adsorption, through, oxidation, separation and catalytic process has been removed. Its main reaction is as follows:

FeO(OFe)+ £«O2£«H2O¡úFeO(OH) £«H+

Contact catalytic iron using natural quartz or coated taoli, contact catalytic manganese removal mainly natural manganese sand filter material. Device composition and characteristics of fe (mn) water. Device by pressure filter tank, air compressor, the hydrosphere mixer, the three most features below:
A: water, PH value, the aeration device small area small.
2: no reaction pool and leaking, one-time investment.
Three: filter materials, long service life, the daily operation cost is low (0.3 ~ 0.75 yuan/ton, no secondary dynamic water).
Four: normally without potions, no environmental pollution, filtration cycle is long, long service life.

GuoLvGuan also can use fiberglass. Please see tanks rendering.
Filter material using high quality materials and manganese.

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