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Ozone disinfector

Ozone machine technology parameters and detailed introduction
Ozone generator (sterilization machine) by the professional engineer elaborate design, interior structure reasonable, A beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, 15kg (within) performance has advanced ozone generator, air filtration devices, double gets extremely cooling device, Produce the high concentration ozone, ozone and adaptability to environment, Ozone generator less heat consumption, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance free, low failure rate, deeply user like:
JBMS - ZFS ozone generator for water disinfection method and dosageJBMS-ZFS
Ozone disinfection, drinking water for better by 0.2-1g/t to use water, press 1-2gb/t
Applicable scope: water, bottled water, mineral water, food production, swimming pool water, sewage and waste water treatment.
Water treatment ozone generator function
Water treatment ozone generator generated by the principle of ozone discharge, air as raw material, adopts the high concentration ozone DouBian discharge technology, and release of ozone is one of the strongest antioxidant known, in certain concentration, can quickly kill and air in various harmful bacteria. Ozone purification disinfection, no poisonous residue formed secondary pollution, so will the world recognized as the ozone is "the cleaning agent and antiseptic. Is the world recognized a broad spectrum disinfectant effect sterilization.
Products: long and original ozone generator units, ozone power, fishery pavilion, pensu/digital voltmeter, stainless steel shell, ammeter, buffer tank, Japan 150 fan, ozone adjustment knob, switch, electronic valve, input, output ozone oxygen, radiator.
¡¾Ozone machine parameters¡¿

Ozone maxhine£º


Ozone production£º



According to models of different sizes


220V / 50Hz

Killed persontage£º


Alga rate£º


JBMS - ZFS ozone generator (6g ozone machine) the ability of water treatment
Ozone in the water to kill bacteria, virus organisms such as much as 100%, the rate of organic compounds and fast speed, remove contaminants as thoroughly without second pollution, and can reduce BOD (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), remove nitrite, suspended solids and decoloring. Application in urban sewage treatment, urban water treatment bottled water, mineral water, bottled water, industrial wastewater treatment, and recycle water aquarium pool etc.
ZFS ozone generator (6g ozone sterilizing machine) deodorization principle: ozone sterilizing chemical oxidation reaction of belongs to biological. Ozone oxidation decompose bacteria inside the enzymes to glucose, Also can directly with bacteria, viruses, destroy the walls and RNA, DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides macromolecular polymer, can permeate cell membrane, enter the internal fat within the cell membrane lipoprotein occurred in polysaccharide substances that bacteria, permeability, cause distortion occurs, the cell death and will dissolve dead body of the genetic, bacterium, virus particles parasitic parasitic strains, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen (bacterial virus metabolites, endotoxin) dissolve degeneration death. Use "ozone oxidation of the natural characteristics of the Virginia will and organic pollutants in corruption decomposition of the odor removal decomposition, it is completely destroyed the molecular structure of substances produced smell, non-toxic, non-odorous material. Swimming pool of international competition is almost always ozone technique processing, not only can purify water, the residual chlorine bleach decomposition of chloroform, bromine methylene chloride, four oxidation carbon etc. Of chlorinated organics with carcinogenicity And sterilization, The pool is extend more economical use of time, cost reduction.

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