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Artoo fathers control valves

1.255 series is small water treatment equipment of the best supporting multiple valve, the maximum diameter 355mm softening cans. Thus can reach the highest 3m3 / hr, External diameter is generally 3/4 ", but also can choose 1 ".

2.263 series and 268 series is aimed at high flow low pressure drop and special design of small multi-way valve, general external diameter 1 ".
263 series valves are used to filter equipment such as sand filters and carbon filter, the diameter of the 405mm filter tank, the highest produce a water yield can reach 2.3 m3 / hr.
268 series valve applies softener, can cooperate with maximum diameter 355mm softening cans, highest produce a water yield 3m3 / hr.

3.1100 series is a kind of special equipment and development for countercurrent regeneration of multi-channel valve products, generally for 1 "by the takeover. 355mm maximum diameter can match the softening cans, produce a water yield is 3.5 m3 / hr.

4.180 series and 182 series is aimed at high flow with low pressure drop of medium to large equipment and the integration of multiple valve, piston driven components, reduce water hammer.

5.180 series valves to pick diameter 1-1/2 ", top mounted connector thus maximum high 8m3 / hr, side top fittings 12m3 / hr, can cooperate with maximum diameter 760mm softening cans

6.182 series valves to pick diameter 2-1/2 ", only with the side fittings, thus maximum 35m3 / hr, can cooperate with maximum diameter 1200mm softening cans.

7.172 series multiple valve seal design unique special valve, can avoid living plate containing mud and water source for the problems. When the water pressure is insufficient, the valve will be closed live board, ensure the body does not produce bypass phenomenon. The takeover by 2 ", the diameter of the biggest pot, thus softening 1100mm can reach 26m3 / hr.
















255-960 Valve

268-440 Valve

268-460 Valve

278 Valve

942 Valve


962 Valve

180-440 Valve

180-962 Valve

172-440 Valve

182 Valve



480 Controller

730 Valve

770 Valve



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