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sewage treatment

Sewage is People's Daily life, a kind of organic wastewater, sewage, including toilet bath water, laundry water and kitchen drain, containing organic pollutants clutter and inorganic pollutants. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, national and local sewage discharge to put forward higher request, in more cities, must be processed to discharge standards.

Sewage treatment, the most common of which biological contact oxidation process. Biological contact oxidation simply is to use water to the organic sewage microbial decompose into inorganic, environmentally sound water. A typical namely "triple processing system", which is the pretreatment, the second is the primary level, for further treatment. General secondary processing can achieve emissions standards. Now for the reuse of water resource, after processing recycling. So we in the second process mining method and biological contact polarization grade iii process to ensure to recycle water treatment.

Applicable to residential area, hotel, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and other such sewage wastewater treatment. Using advanced anaerobic aerobic combination process with, Stable water-quality and treatment effect, Cover an area of an area small, but can also be buried on, Easy to install and manage conveniently, Sludge quantity is little, do not need the sludge treatment equipment, Impact resistance, such negative power load factors of small, quick recovery, Multiple units parallel, can become larger farm, Small investment, low operating cost.

The typical wastewater treatment process

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